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A Little Hebrew Goes A Long Way
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Dr. Ken Holcombe's presents: A Little Hebrew Goes A Long Way

Dr. Ken Holcombe

From the hand of Dr. Ken Holcombe's pen name:
An Evacuation Hospital in Vietnam. A Former
Conscientious Objector Remembers

"Some may wonder why I wrote this book ...
"I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord" (Ps 118:17, KJV). ... I don't know how long I have to live, but I know I will live forever. Someone needs to verify that the age of
miracles is not over and that God can
still do anything." - Edward Wells.

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A Little Hebrew Goes A Long Way

An Evacuation Hospital in Vietnam

Mashiach is Coming

The Coming of Mashiach, of Jesus, as Mashiach, the Jewish Messiah. Personal experiences of the author as a believer are told with emotion and humor.

Scriptures and other references are quoted to illustrate various topics such as Miriam’s well, humility, the Crusades, and Adam and Eve partaking of the apple.

Many other topics are covered, such as, the foundational aspects of Judaism and Christianity, hearing from God, the conversion of Jews, Christian obligation to Jewish laws, different Bible versions, and many others.

It should be of interest to Christians, Jews, and unbelievers.