Mashiach is the bridge between Jews and Christians. Christians can no longer be neutral concerning the Jews and Israel. G-d has not cast away His people whom he foreknew. The Heaven, that believers will live in, has a name — "New Jerusalem."

Do an internet search on the word "Mashiach" and you'll find many Jewish and Messianic websites.

According to Rambam, belief in Mashiach is not optional for a Jew. Jews and true Christians await the coming of the same Being: Mashiach.

Mashiach was, and is, the one and only perfect Jew. The Jews are His people, His brethren. If we are going to be married to Him, it's time to reconcile any differences with His relatives by loving and supporting them.

I love the name of Mashiach
I love to say that word again (Mashiach)
Mashiach bought my freedom
Mashiach took away my sin
Mashiach, you've really found a place in me
Mashiach, your peace will last eternally
Mashiach, I'm waiting for you everyday
Mashiach, your kingdom will never go away
Mashiach, Mashiach, Mashiach